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The purpose of an incentive tour in Montenegro is to encourage employees, partners, and clients by offering relaxation and entertainment. Such trips are undoubtedly important for a team and are an excellent way of combining active recreation with fulfillment of specific business objectives, including improvement of employee motivation, building team spirit, establishment of contacts with partners, and encouragement of client loyalty. Our incentive programmes in Montenegro are devised for specific groups and are tailored to the particular client’s objectives, desires, and budget. Below, we present a selection of successful incentive projects, as well as tried and tested ideas for a wide range of incentive programmes. Bring joy to your colleagues and clients!

Incentive programmes and team building in Montenegro

   Incentive programmes and team building in Montenegro

Setaliste pet Danica 21, 85 340
Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Tel.:  +382 (0) 67 211 712

PCO in Montenegro

Event Management in Montenegro

The most effective way to discuss incentive ideas for your programme is to contact us directly. 


Just couple of games we organize…


1. Relay race in the bag

Each team member need to cross the route jumping in the sack. The first team to finish with each member jumping is the winner!


2. Fill the basket

Toss the balloon in the basket while standing in the circle. Basket is at the head of one of the team members.


3. Mine field

Each team with the help of the rope should pull treasure located within diameter of 4m.


4. Caterpillar

When the group is tide up, participants (facing each other back) blow  balloons, place them among themselves and start move like a caterpillar. Team who reach the finish line with all balloons is a winer!


5. Hit the pirates

All team members are shooting at the pirates (located on the water), using slingshots which they have been made. Each participant has five shots. Number of strikes is the number of points.


6.  Rope pulling

Two teams (facing each other) pull on the rope. The team which crosses the center of the marked line, loses the game.


7. Pasage

Each team member are allocated to fild size 20x30. Follows a certain order every member has to fit in every field of participans before him, so that he does not push him or misses the field.

The team with the shortes time wins!


8. Trolley

Each team is divided into three groups; the one that blows balloons, „trolley“ and trolley driver. Transfer as many balloons from point A to point B on „live trolley“ . The team which transfer more balloons wins!

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Setaliste pet Danica 21, 85 340
Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Tel.:  +382 (0) 67 211 712