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The purpose of an incentive tour in Romania is to encourage employees, partners, and clients by offering relaxation and entertainment. Such trips are undoubtedly important for a team and are an excellent way of combining active recreation with fulfillment of specific business objectives, including improvement of employee motivation, building team spirit, establishment of contacts with partners, and encouragement of client loyalty. Our incentive programmes in Romania are devised for specific groups and are tailored to the particular client’s objectives, desires, and budget. Below, we present a selection of successful incentive projects, as well as tried and tested ideas for a wide range of incentive programmes. Bring joy to your colleagues and clients!

Incentive programmes and team building in Romania

   Incentive programmes and team building in Romania

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DMC in Romania

PCO in Romania

The most effective way to discuss incentive ideas for your programme is to contact us directly.


The bustling metropolis and capital of Romania since 1862, Bucharest, earned in the 1900’s a reputation of “The Little Paris of the East”, given its wide, tree-lined boulevards, the glorious Belle-Epoque buildings and the notorious high-life it nested. First time it was mentioned in a document was in 1459, as “Citadel of București”, by Vlad the Impaler, the one who inspired the Dracula miths.


In Bucharest, World Synergy Travel can organize:

-         Sightseeing tours (half day / full day)

-         City games (treasure hunt / photo hunt in the Old Town)

-         Festive dinners with folklore show

-         Wine tastings


MICE in Romania MICE in Romania


The most striking landmarks of Bucharest are:


· The Palace of the Parliament


MICE in Romania

Completed by the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and named by him The People’s House, The Palace of the Parliament is the largest administrative building for civilian use in the world, and also the heaviest building in the world, featuring 12 stories and 1,100 rooms aside from its nuclear bunker.



MICE in Romania

Constructed almost entirely of materials of Romanian origin, the palace displays the true wealth of Romania: stone, marble and wood from the Romanian mountains and forests. The interior visit organized in a variety of languages allows you to discover its opulence given by the 3,500 tonnes of crystal in the 480 chandeliers, 1,409 ceiling lights and mirrors locally manufactured, among others.


Apart from housing Romania's Chamber of Deputies, The Palace also contains a massive array of miscellaneous conference halls, salons, etc., used for a wide variety of other purposes.


· The Romanian Athenaeum


The astonishingly beautiful Romanian Athenaeum, both on the inside and on the outside, is one of the symbols of the belle-epoque architecture of Bucharest. Gracefully displaying a history fresque on the ceiling, and breathtaking paintings on the walls, the auditorium has an impressively good acoustique, one of the best in Eastern Europe. Hosting sell-out concerts every week, this is a must go cultural attraction of Eastern Europe.


MICE in Romania MICE in Romania


Transylvania is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, and boasts a multi-ethnic heritage (including German and Hungarian ) that is delightfully apparent in the folk costumes, architecture, cuisine, music and festivals. In addition to this, the welcoming spirit of the locals, almost always wearing a warm smile on their face, will provide for you long lasting memories of a fairytale-like vacation.


In Transylvania, World Synergy Travel will gladly organize:

-         Group tours

-         Inventives

-         Wine tours


MICE in Romania MICE in RomaniaMICE in Romania


Some of the most striking places to visit in Transylvania are:


· Sibiu


MICE in Romania

The largest and weathiest walled citadel built in Transylvania in the 12th century by the German settlers is also known in German as Hermannstadt.


Sibiu is a pedestrian-friendly city, with two accessible levels: The Upper Town, with the Great Square, the Little Square and Huet Square beautifully comprising UNESCO protected monuments like The Brukental Museum, The Roman-Catholic Church and the Evangelical Cathedral, as well as the historical guild towers, of wich the most remarkable is the Council Tower, and The Lower Town, with its notorious Bridge of Lies and The Stairs Passage.


MICE in Romania

Sibiu also hosts the second largest open-air museum in the world, the ASTRA Museum, with more than 300 buildings, watermills and windmills showing the technological legacy of the Romanian people.


Nearby attractions worth visiting: Marginimea Sibiului, a string of 18 traditional villages, The Ethnographic Museum in Rasinari, The Museum of Painted Glass Icons in Sibiel, The Textile Museum in Rasinari, The Paltinis Ski Resort and the panoramic Transfagarasan Highway.


· Brașov


Founded in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights and first documented in 1234, also found under its names: Corona (Latin) and Kronstadt (German), Brasov is host to the narrowest street in Europe: the Rope Street. The heart of the city beats in the Council Square, built by the Saxons and called Markplatz, where during the summer takes place The Golden Stag (Cerbul de Aur) Music Festival. 


MICE in Romania MICE in Romania

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