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The purpose of an incentive tour in Hungary is to encourage employees, partners, and clients by offering relaxation and entertainment. Such trips are undoubtedly important for a team and are an excellent way of combining active recreation with fulfillment of specific business objectives, including improvement of employee motivation, building team spirit, establishment of contacts with partners, and encouragement of client loyalty. Our incentive programmes in Hungary are devised for specific groups and are tailored to the particular client’s objectives, desires, and budget. Below, we present a selection of successful incentive projects, as well as tried and tested ideas for a wide range of incentive programmes. Bring joy to your colleagues and clients! 

Incentive programmes and team building in Hungary

   Incentive programmes and team building in Hungary

54-56 Nagymező str.
H-1065 Budapest, Hungary

Tel.:  (+36) 1 214-6262

DMC Hungary

DMC Hungary

The most effective way to discuss incentive ideas for your programme is to contact us directly.



Incentives in Budapest, Hungary


The chocolate workshop is a contemporary cosmopolitan cooking and chocolate studio course where you can master the basics of hand-made chocolate making in a funny and interactive atmosphere.


The hands-on course gives you the opportunity to temper, cook, fill, bake … and ask questions side-by-side with our Chocolatier. Learn about the history of cocoa, the basic equipment, classic and contemporary ingredients with the best practices.


The courses run in the late morning hours finishing with fancy box of chocolate bonbons that you can take home – and rounded up with a 3-course Hungarian lunch of the season.



Come and explore the experience of driving a Trabant, also known by the nickname Trabbi


The Trabant is a „low-cost” automobile made by the factury VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau. Back in its time it was the most popular vehicle in the countries of the communist block, therefore in Hungary too.


Its body was fenoplast (phenolic resin) and its motor, two-cylinder two-stroke. It had space for 4 persons and luggage, it was compact, light and long-lasting.


Of the very few cars the people from the Eastern countries had access to, the Trabant was the cheapest. To have one people had to sign up for a list and they wait approximately 10 years to get it.


During the acticvity the participants can drive this simbolic car of the communist era themselves, in groups of 2-4 pax (as the client wishes). The rally starts from a parking outside the city and takes approx 1,5-2 hours. With the help of a map and a detailed itinerary they have to find certain stops where different tasks and challenges are waiting for them.


NB: The rented cars are insured against damage on other cars. But for the damage caused on the Trabant, there is no insurance, so if the driver of the Trabant causes an accident or damages the car, he has to take the financial responsibility and take the penalty on his files.We inform you, that there is 0% alcohol tolerance according to the Hungarian law. Persons who drive the cars have to accept these conditions. Aktiv Tours declines any responsibility.



Revitalized history, authentic atmosphere, fun and film making, the age of home videos expired. We bring you the brand-new form of entertainment.


Throughout the one day programme our guests are taken to one significant era of Hungarian history, where they can shoot a period piece as imaginery citizen of old times.


For example:

- Attila, the Hun

- Revolution in 1956

- Rózsa Sándor and the Rascals

- Sissi


After arriving in the authentic spot, participants get their appropriate make -ups and dresses, before shooting their own short movie under Hollywood-like circumstances.


Quality of the movie is guaranteed by a professional crew and expert filmmakers of the Hungarian film industry.



Whenever a friendly company starts talking about wine and wine-growing regions, they are more and more likely to mention Etyek and its environs in addition to Tokaj, Eger and Badacsony.
However, maybe fewer people know that this is mainly a re-discovery rather than a discovery because - up to the beginning of the 1880s - farmers in Etyek planted vineyards on more than 400 hectares. Despite this fact, the Etyek Wine Area is one of the youngest wine-growing regions in the country.


The vineyards - stretching over 1600 hectares from Bicske up to Pákozd - were granted the wine region rank in 1990. The village is located to the North from Budapest, at about 45-minute drive.



The Hernyák Winery

The estate is located in Etyek, on the „Öreghegy” (Old Hill). The 3.6 hectares of land works by the family are situated around the estate, and therefore visitors can gain first-hand information on the wines, the method of cultivation and the composition of the soil, whilst also basking in the magnificent views of the Buda hills.


In this nice environment we invite you to a wine tasting, including 5 different excellent Hungarian wines with cold plate serving real Hungarian sausages, ham, cheese, vegetables and fresh bread.


The  wine tastings conducted in a friendly atmosphere give an insight into the wines, philosophy and the cellar.



We will divide the group into smaller teams. Each team will receive a questionnaire about Hungarian wines, Hungarian viticulture and its traditions. During the activity they will have to answer all the questions, going through all the stations we set up in the wineyards.


At each station a staff member will explain the different tasks and challenges (such as blind tasting, barrel scrolling, etc…) that the team members have to fulfill the quickest possible, individually or as a team.


After the game we correct the answers, sum the collected points by each team and announce the winner. The winning team will get the prize of the winery: a bottle of wine.


After the delicious gammon taste, we invite you to visit the Pálinka House in the neighbourhood. You will visit first the manufactory to learn how the production of Pálinka happens. After that you have the opportunity to taste a few sort of pálinkas as well.


Believe us, you will not regret it.

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54-56 Nagymező str.
H-1065 Budapest, Hungary

Tel.:  (+36) 1 214-6262